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Presenting Miguel Cabrera, the author of the essay American Marvel published in 1756 is a very special honor. 

  1. Books are like friends, they will share with us, the readers, all they contain and will be patient if put down (to rest) when needed to - however they will continue being your friend when you return.  They never stop being your friend.

I get to understand such a concept in my sixties, nevertheless now I know I have the power to choose my books (friends) and even attend to them, like a friend should.  I am taking advantage of a God given grace, bilingualism - and thanks also to my family for nurturing such in my education since I was 4 feet tall, and to use this grace now to share my friends with you.

Thus, it is an honor to present to the English speaking (reading) public, an awesome person, craftsman and artist: Miguel Cabrera.  An accomplished master.  He was in awe of what he saw regarding the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and he shared it with the world (Spanish speaking) over 250 years ago by what he wrote in his report*.  He named his work (before there was a wink of the USA) American Marvel, and right he was.

*The report to the Bishop, the highest authority in the Americas - second only to the none American residents, the Pope, and the King, which thanks to his caring wit and effort was written, has been a joy to read in Spanish, and now this treasure is in English, for you and generations to come to ... 


Pepe Hernández

March 2012, Mount Pleasant, SC

At Her feet we put our work: America’s unity for all that dwell and toil in this Marvelous continent.  The place She graciously chose to visit, leave Her image, and introduce us to Her son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.